About Happiness International

About Happiness International

Happiness International is founded upon one simple idea:

That by helping you find greater happiness, the world becomes a better place to live.

We hear a lot in the news about happiness these days. While governments and other well-meaning organizations work on the top-down approach to happiness, what Happiness International does is work on the bottom-up, grass-roots approach to happiness.

We help you discover your personal, highly unique path to happiness.

In the end, there is only one person whose happiness you can control. You.

We provide tools that guide, educate, and assist you in achieving a lifetime of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness.

Our products are scientifically based and, because they rely on your values, are compatible with virtually all belief systems.

We rely on the basic truths of universal human nature, and we rely upon the #1 expert in knowing the best choices for your life: You.

It’s Your Life and Your Happiness. We’re just here to help.

Kenneth Benjamin, Founder, Happiness International, LLC
Kenneth Benjamin
Founder and Chief Happiness Officer