Where Did Your Childlike Wonder Go? 7 Steps To Get It Back In Under An Hour

Where Did Your Childlike Wonder Go? 7 Steps To Get It Back In Under An Hour
Curious children on the beach

The delight on his face said it all: Joy! Fascination! Amazement! All this from something you and I wouldn’t even notice.

Knee-high to a grasshopper and no more than two years old, he tugged his mother’s arm with one hand while reaching for the glowing orb with his other. “Come on, mom! I want to touch it!,” his insistence said louder than words.

And there was mom, oblivious to the desire. “What? What’s so interesting?,” her unseeing eyes replied but, ultimately, she relented to his persistent message.

“Touched at last! Wow! Ooh, and now, what’s this?,” as something else caught his eye, “I’ve got to touch that, too! Come on, mom!,” he said with a small grunt and tug.

What were these wonders? What could so fascinate this child but remain so oblivious to his mother?

Nothing more than a side marker light on a car: tiny hand-sized, smoothly oval, and, most importantly, brightly reflective orange; and the keyhole on the door.

Simple wonders at two and, yet, simply unavailable to you, me, and his mom.

What happened? When did we lose the ability to be delighted so easily? Is it just growing up, becoming jaded, or was wonderment driven out of us?

What if I told you it wasn’t any of those things but something much simpler?

Where Did Your Childlike Wonder Go?

What happened after that two-year-old achieved his desires? He learned, experienced, and satisfied his need, and once satisfied, the need didn’t need to be satisfied again.

He didn’t go back and touch the light or the keyhole again. He probably never will.

He lost his wonderment in this small way right then and there.

What did he do next? He started searching again for something new and novel.

This small story shows how the more we age and experience, the more we lose our sense of wonder to the familiar. News you knew isn’t new.

The problem is that we need novelty.

What’s new? That’s the question we ask, not only of our friends, but of life because we really need to know. At our core, we’re Novelty Machines.

Novelty is how we satisfy our inner two-year-olds’ curiosity. It’s an essential need and since happiness is when your life fulfills your needs, it’s essential to your happiness.

The question is how to get it? What does a jaded, experienced adult do to regain a bit of that childlike wonder?

7 Steps to Regain Your Childlike Wonder In Under 1 Hour

Let me give you the bad news first: you can’t reclaim the kind of wonder you had when you were two. On the plus side, you won’t need to hold your mommy’s hand everywhere you go, either.

You may not regain that two-year-old wonder but the good news is you can get the adult-sized version of it. It just might take a lot more than a shiny orange side marker light to do the trick.

The problem is knowing exactly what you need to regain your sense of wonder. So much of life is already known to you that it takes a lot more than shiny objects to feed your Novelty Machine.

How can you satisfy your needs if you don’t know what they are?

And, more importantly, even if you have some idea, how can you know which of your needs will provide the most rewarding satisfaction?

Life is entirely too short to waste time working on the wrong needs. So how can you be sure you’re not wasting your valuable time?

Solving this problem is what led me to create the Happiness Planner™ in the first place. It’s by discovering which of your unique needs that are both most unfulfilled and most rewarding that you can regain that childlike wonderment.

Let me ask you something. Would you agree that permanently regaining some of your childlike wonder is worth an hour of your time?

If your answer is, “yes,” then here’s what I’d like to ask you to do:

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Happiness Toolkit and watch the introductory video that explains everything (9 min.)
  2. At the end of the video you’ll be offered a chance to register for the Happiness Planner™ Discovery Edition. Please do so (or check your email for the link in case you missed out the first time) (<1 min.)
  3. Complete the Happiness Planner questionnaire (I promise it’s a well-spent 30 min.)
  4. Review your results and pick one of your top needs to gradually fulfill (5 min.)
  5. Take a few minutes and visualize your life with that need fulfilled (3 min.)
  6. Click through on that need and choose one Quick Action to start taking right away (2 min.)
  7. Go do it. Take one small step that moves you forward: do, read, or write something (5 min.)

In less than an hour you’ll begin to experience greater happiness and regain a bit of your childlike sense of wonder. Once you’ve started, just keep going. Simple, right?

Will you live your life like most people, jaded and mostly oblivious to wonder, or will you regain your childlike sense of wonder to live a happy, rewarding, and satisfying life?

What possibilities for wonder in your life have you been overlooking?

Don’t you wonder what wonderment awaits you, if only you knew where to look? The only way you can find out is if you take the first step.

Remember, without action there is no reaction.

P.S. It costs nothing but a bit of your time, time you’d probably spend surfing the web or watching TV, anyhow. Wouldn’t it be time better spent regaining your childlike wonder, instead?

P.P.S. Please leave a comment and let me know what’s got you feeling wonderful today. I’d love to hear the news!

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