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You’ve finished your Happiness Planner™ questionnaire and, no doubt, have been exploring your results. I hope you’ve found them insightful and helpful.

Over the coming days, we’ll be sending you more useful tips but right now, I want to tell you about one especially powerful way to get the most out of your Happiness Plan™. That is by taking your Happiness Plan to the next level with an Expert Analysis.

As you know by now, the Happiness Planner does a great job of identifying your top needs but what it can’t do is look at the big picture and the subtle details. That’s where the human touch of an Expert Analysis comes in.

We personally look at your entire suite of results, from your Personality Style to every one of your Happiness Essentials, to look for high-level patterns and subtle clues to help you move forward quickly and effectively in building your happiness.

Often, when we conduct an Expert Analysis, we find many of your top needs have a common solution, say finding a spouse, changing jobs, or doing something more meaningful with your life. We tell you about those big-picture trends but also go much further by spotting blockers.

Blockers are those needs, often quite secondary to your overall focus, that need to be worked on first because they are preventing you from moving forward effectively in other areas of your life. Often, we’ll spot blockers that have been holding you back for years that can be fixed with just a little extra attention.

Beyond the big-picture and the critical blockers, we also look at your Happiness Plan from different perspectives.

We look for other trends within your profile to identify skills you currently have that can be used to help you fulfill your unfulfilled needs and bring you greater happiness.

And we look at those needs which are of little interest to you to seek out low priority, but potentially helpful, Happiness Essentials you might benefit from addressing.

We look at your Personality Style and, based on your temperament, customize our recommendations to make them as effective for you as possible.

All this is done by hand and your report is written just for you. It’s not some boilerplate template, it’s a time consuming process conducted by one of our Happiness Experts, often by our founder, Kenneth Benjamin.


Here’s an example of what you’ll get…

This is an actual Expert Analysis prepared for one of our Happiness Planner™ Premium Edition clients. It has been edited for privacy purposes.



Really great talking to you today.

Overall, there is one very clear message arising from your Happiness Plan™: you need to be doing something challenging and you’re not. That’s no secret to you, of course, but it’s the other Happiness Essentials that floated to the top of your Happiness Plan that are instructive.

First, get some sleep. Seriously. If you’re not sleeping well then you’re not thinking well. It’s going to be hard to tune into your needs when you’re tired all the time. I’d fix that first and figure out how to keep it up despite your desires for your upcoming book launch success. Maybe get some relaxing evening reading time back before bed, then go to sleep when you start getting tired. Cutting back your high caffeine intake might help, too, especially after 3 or 4pm (the half-life of caffeine is about 6 hours).

Next, in our initial Happiness Coaching session, you were talking about helping others find and live their dreams. While that may sound like a worthy goal you should want, if you’ve answered the questions right then that isn’t what motivates you. In fact, according to the results for Opportunities to Give to Others, you’re already giving too much.

There’s a lot of talk about giving as the path to happiness but it’s not for everyone. Embrace who you are and give at the 58 out of 100 level you desire, not the 78 out of 100 you do now. Get a little more selfish and get happier. Remember, 58 is great and above average already so nothing to feel guilty about. Get your time back and use it for yourself.

Home and close friends go together to some degree. I know firsthand how difficult it is to have close friends when you’re on the move and away from home. The only solutions to this problem involves a certain amount of stability or finding other friends who are willing to engage over Skype, for example. It’s definitely not ideal and I can’t say I know how to make it work (wish I did). Maybe the new home you now have will do the trick.

You said you’re not looking for a physical challenge but your answer on Adventurousness combined with a need for less Safety and Security suggests at least a need to explore new domains, quite likely physical.

I’ve always been a big fan of world travel for the challenge and cultural experiences. Maybe that would help you. Let me know if that is something of interest and I’ll be happy to share some suggestions, if you’d like. Regardless, I think you should consider what adventurousness means to you and pursue it if, as I suspect, it’s different than the other challenge concepts you already have in mind.

Now, I’ve also had a look at your personality type. You’re a (INTJ – Rational Mastermind) – see http://keirsey.com/4temps/rational_overview.asp and http://keirsey.com/4temps/mastermind.asp but also look at the INTP, INFJ, INFP because you’re borderline on those types. You might consider taking Keirsey’s test to further refine and confirm your type but a look at each type description will help, I think.

There are a few important things here. First, you are highly on the iNutuive (conceptual) side of things. When dealing with the world, be aware that 3/4 of the population are Sensing types (hands on). Read up on Guardians and Artisans to see who they are. I think you’ll find it interesting, instructive, and potential constructive in whatever you do next.

Next, I’d give some thought to your needs as an Introvert. Introverts tend to lose energy to other people whereas Extroverts gain energy from other people. You’re a public figure and that may be draining you. The signs are there in your Happiness Plan. You need more rest and, especially, more “me time”, or so it seems from the results.

Overall, I think you need to take a fresh perspective on finding something meaningful. It may be that until you’ve given yourself the space and rest to look, you won’t find any answers. You may also find it valuable to go back into the Happiness Planner and click through on some of your top needs, then read the recommended content there.

My sense is that your last challenge was to build a better you. Now that you’ve done that well, you’re not quite sure what’s next. I’d ask you to think about what you wanted as a child or to find a complex puzzle that matters to you to solve. Masterminds are often in second-in-command positions. Maybe if you find the right cause, you can move the mountains that it needs without the drain of being the front-person.

Finally, just be honest with yourself. Don’t let the word should enter your thoughts. If it’s not want then it’s not right and you won’t have the motivation to see it through or else it won’t give you the happiness you desire.

All the best,


Kenneth Benjamin
Founder and Chief Happiness Officer
Happiness International

Much as I’d like to share all the exciting details our client had to say in response, privacy comes first, however, I can share the first sentence:

“This is extremely perceptive!”

We often hear this sort of response and it’s incredibly rewarding to know just how much we’re helping. I want to offer you the same opportunity.

Expert Analysis is only offered to customers who are committed to living a top-quality life. If that’s you, then the Expert Analysis will ensure you’re on your ideal path to happiness and help you get there as quickly and easily as possible.

Since every Expert Analysis is done by hand by a Happiness Expert, it can take a few days for its preparation. We try to turn these around quickly, often on the same day, but we believe that quality is more important than speed and that it’s quality that you deserve.

We offer this service because we are committed to helping you live the most satisfying, fulfilling, and happy life you can. And, because we care, we offer this time-consuming service affordably.

Expert Analysis is available to all Happiness Planner™ subscribers for just $79 and, because I’m confident of the value we deliver, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and services so, if you don’t find your Expert Analysis insightful and helpful, just ask and we’ll refund your money.

In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose and a more deeply fulfilling, satisfying, and happy life to gain.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Well, let me sweeten the pot even more by giving you a second option.

The example Expert Analysis you’ve just read above was delivered to one of our Happiness Planner™ Premium Edition clients. Expert Analysis is just one of the added features included the Premium Edition but what makes it even more powerful is the included Happiness Coaching sessions. Here’s how it works:

When you upgrade to the all-inclusive Happiness Planner™ Premium Edition, you’ll begin by receiving your introductory 30 minute Happiness Coaching session.

We’ll use what we learn in your session in combination with your Happiness Planner results to prepare an even more insightful Expert Analysis (like the one above).

Then, when you’re ready, we’ll schedule the first of your included quarterly 60 minute Happiness Coaching sessions and answer any questions you have about your Expert Analysis.

All this is over and above what’s already included in the full Happiness Planner itself.

You get all the Happiness Planner features we have to offer (a $4.99 per month value) plus the introductory 30 minute Happiness Coaching session (a $99 value) plus the even more insightful Expert Analysis (a $79 value) plus quarterly 60 minute Happiness Coaching sessions (a $197 per quarter value) for as long as you are a subscriber.

You get over $375 worth of services in the first month alone for an initial payment of only $47 and, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here’s the deal: Combine the risk-free offer we made earlier with the added Happiness Coaching sessions plus the full Happiness Planner. It’s all risk free and even more of a no-brainer deal.

How can we give you $375 worth of services for $47? There is only one way, through value and quality.

To cover the high cost of all these valuable services you receive, it won’t surprise you to learn that we’re counting on you to subscribe for at least a few months.

There is only one way to be sure you’ll want to do that, and that is by delivering quality.

We’re confident we will give you high quality, valuable information that you can use to change your life for the better. So confident, that we’re backing it all up with our 30 day money-back guarantee.

You read that right, even your first $47 monthly payment comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

It’s a total no-brainer.

The only decision to make is which risk-free way to accelerate your personal development and gain greater happiness:

Request Expert Analysis*  Upgrade to the Happiness Planner™ Premium Edition

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