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Try our science-based Happiness Planner™ where you will:
  • Receive your Happiness Index score showing you how happy you are today
  • Discover your Personality Style to learn your strengths (and weaknesses)
  • Receive an actionable plan for living a more fulfilling and satisfying life
  • Focus your energy by clearly showing your top priorities for your individual growth
  • Save valuable time by identifying areas where you are already well developed (and where you’re not)
  • Save thousands of $ by showing you where your personal development spending will be  most effective
  • Learn from the masters with hand-picked links to expert articles, videos, and more

Is the Happiness Planner™ right for you?

It is if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life but, like most of us, you aren’t exactly sure about how to make that happen.

You are willing to take control of your life, willing to work hard to reach your goals, are independent, and have your own ideas about what your needs are and no single source seems to have all the answers.

Most of all, it is right for you if you know you could be happier if someone could just point you in the right direction while still respecting your unique needs.

“I’m quite impressed. The method is clever and I can say in my own case the results were spot on. It looks like you offer a lot of good advice after the assessment too…All said, well done I say!” Kenneth Vogt, Vera Claritas

I was just like you…

I wanted to be happier but couldn’t find just the right path.

I learned from countless sources, some of them amazing, others a complete waste of time.

I spoke with experts, examined happy people around the world, and sought wisdom at the edges of civilization.

And I learned about the science of the mind, human needs, and our emotions. I researched and I analyzed for decades, seeking the happiness I knew existed but few seemed to achieve. Finally, a few years ago, I found some answers.

But the answers I found were my answers. If there was one thing that I had learned over those decades, no two people are exactly alike. We each have our own special uniqueness, but we also have our common humanity, and that was the key…

About Kenneth Benjamin

Founder, Happiness International

I founded Happiness International on the idea that through better self-knowledge, a deeper understanding of how the human mind works, and patient, hard work, we can each, in our own unique way, reach our personal goals.

Unlike the world’s religions and most self-help gurus, I knew that I didn’t have the answers, at least for anyone but myself. What I did have were a set of universal tools that I knew other people could use to find the right answers for themselves.

Happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction are locked within each of us. My job is to be the locksmith.

Read more…

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What You Get
in the

  • Happiness Index
    Inspires you to greater happiness by showing you how happy you are in all 9 WE PROMISE categories.


  • Personality Style
    Illuminates your personality strengths and weaknesses to accelerate your personal growth.


  • Happiness Guide
    Prepares you for growth with simple instructions for making the most of your Happiness Plan.


  • Happiness Plan
    Gives you clear goals by showing your Happiness Essentials™ prioritized by importance to you.


  • Happiness Essential Quick Actions
    Jump starts your personal growth experience with simple actions you can take immediately.


  • Happiness Essential Expert Links
    Accelerates your growth by linking you to hand-picked articles, videos, and books by experts.


  • Unlimited Access
    Review all your results anytime simply by logging in from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.


WE PROMISE and the Happiness Essentials™

In the spring of 2012, I was reading some of the latest ideas by prominent brain and psychology researchers about what we need for happiness when I had a flash of insight. What I saw was how closely the results of the techniques I had used to reach happiness were to what they proposed were the universal keys to happiness. What also struck me was that despite each of these experts having far more deep experience in their subject areas, there were gaps in each hypothesis, and there were overlaps, both between the experts and with my own discoveries.

I sat down and analyzed these leading theories of happiness and life satisfaction, looking for the common ground between the neuroscience, psychology, and philosophies dating back thousands of years. I integrated the wisdom of ancient thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle with Abraham Maslow’s well-known “hierarchy of needs” and with modern researchers such as Martin Seligman and Richard J. Davidson. And there were other sources, as well. Teachings from the major religions, ideas from personality theory, and much more.


Wellbeing – mind-body connection
Environment – climate, beauty, your ‘space’

Pleasure – joy, fun, sex, positive emotions
Relationships – parents, spouses, friends, etc.
Outlook – self-control, adventurousness, optimism
Meaning – reason, goals, purpose, awareness
Involvement – challenge, creativity, flow
Success – learning, accomplishment, value
Elasticity – resiliency to inevitable troubles

When the dust settled, I had identified 9 keys to living a happy and fulfilled life, which go by the easy to remember acronym WE PROMISE.

As I further refined and explored WE PROMISE, I identified within those 9 categories a total of 58 of the most relevant aspects of human happiness that we all share – the Happiness Essentials.

That lead to an idea about how I could share my discoveries with YOU…

“The Happiness Planner is quite organized and really works.” Jay R., Thailand

Happiness Planner to the rescue…

My dream, and the reason I founded Happiness International, is to help YOU become happier, more fulfilled, and more satisfied with life, each in our own unique way. WE PROMISE and the Happiness Essentials are the tools to make that dream a reality.

As you know, personal development is hard work. Countless hours, and even more dollars, often spent going down the wrong path. Progress is slow. All because you don’t have a clear plan.

The Happiness Planner™ does the hard work of helping you build that plan. It helps you discover, prioritize, and keep track of all 58 Happiness Essentials that determine your happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Your plan is based on your thoughts and feelings…

Unlike many books, courses, and expert advice, the Happiness Planner™ does not have pre-set ideas about your needs. It relies on the #1 expert in knowing your needs — you.

It recognizes the fact that while everyone has the same essential needs to achieve happiness and fulfillment, your specific needs are unique to you.

Your Happiness Plan is tailored based on what you think and feel, not someone else’s plan based on their thoughts and feelings.

How we discover your unique needs…

Building your plan starts with a questionnaire. For each Happiness Essential, you will be asked:

  • Your ideal state – Find your version of ‘perfect’, not someone else’s.
  • Where you are currently – How close to your ideal are you today?
  • Its overall importance to you – Some things matter more than others but everyone is different.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live in ways you would never enjoy? Are they all just crazy? It may seem that way but they are living in ways that are compatible with their unique personality. No doubt they would think the same of you.

That is why for each of the Happiness Essentials you will be asked to search your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to decide what is just right for you.

How important is power and status? What about children? Does beauty matter? How much, and how hard, are you willing to work on it? Have you already met your goals or are you still far away?

These are but a few of the questions that form the foundation of your Happiness Plan.

“I took the happiness planner…the results were impeccable.” Mithru V, Singapore

Your answers are what matters…

Using our proprietary algorithm, the Happiness Planner™ statistically normalizes your answers, then computes your unique Happiness Plan™.

There is no pre-set notion of what your happiness needs are so your plan is unique to you. What this means is that you’ll get the answers you need to put yourself on the optimal path for achieving your personal development goals.

By sorting the areas you would most benefit from personal development to the top and those areas where you are already meeting your goals or have little interest to the bottom, your Happiness Plan shows you where to invest your time, energy, and effort to achieve results.

Mobile Friendly Application!
Works great on desktop, tablet, and smartphones*

Having a plan is just the beginning…

Once you have your Happiness Plan what do you do with it?

Included with each of the Happiness Essentials are a wealth of hand-picked Expert Links to articles, videos, books, and websites with expert knowledge and thought-provoking ideas about each specific topic.

These serve as a teaser and entree to the deeper personal explorations you’ll likely follow in each of your top priority Happiness Essentials.

Safe, Secure, and Private

We take your privacy seriously. As a result, we work hard to ensure that your data remains private, secure, and safe from prying eyes.

To help make that happen, all of our applications require you to register with your email address and a password of your choosing. This allows us to safely store your data.

Of course, we do much more than that. You can read the full story here.

“I just finished the Happiness Planner, I loved it!”Roberto A., Maryland

What are you waiting for?

Getting started is easy. With the Happiness Planner™, you can be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling, and satisfying life in just 30 minutes. Get the happy life you know is possible.

Let the Happiness Planner be your guide – a guide you can trust because the path is one you create for yourself.

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% with the Happiness Planner

P.S. Get started now and get your personalized plan for living a happier, more fulfilling, and satisfying life. Satisfaction is guaranteed and your guide to discovery is the one person you know you can trust – yourself. Taking action is one of the universal traits of happy people. Discover the rest by clicking here to get started.

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