The Keys to Happiness: Part 4 – Using the Happiness Planner to Build Your Plan

The Keys to Happiness: Part 4 – Using the Happiness Planner to Build Your Plan

In earlier articles I mentioned that I had a solution to the complexity of nearly sixty Happiness Essentials. That solution is a product we offer called the Happiness Planner.

While I’m going to give you the details on all of the Happiness Essentials you need to know about in this series of articles, and you can certainly use the process we just went through without it, the Happiness Planner makes it quick and easy to get started being happier right away.

What we tried to do was make the most complicated part of becoming happy much easier by helping you with Steps 1 and 2, Discovery and Planning.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the Happiness Planner Questionnaire for all of the Happiness Essentials and your Personality Style.

You get immediate results showing:

  • How happy you are now via your Happiness Index score – overall and by each WE PROMISE category
  • Your Personality Style with specific advice that will help you be more effective in reaching happiness
  • Our Happiness Guide to help step you through the rest of the process
  • Your Happiness Plan with your most important Happiness Essentials right there at the top of the list
  • Happiness Essential Info Boxes to help you better understand each of your Happiness Essentials
  • Hand-picked Happiness Essential Expert Links to get you started on your deeper research and learning
  • Quick Actions you can start taking right now to increase your happiness

Those are all the tools you’ll need to be ready for Step 3: Taking Action for Your Happiness.

So far, we haven’t found a way to automate Step 3 but since taking action has its own rewards, why not keep those rewards for yourself?

About Happiness International

While Happiness International is a business, we are a small business without outside investors to satisfy. This allows our goals to be quite personal in nature, and maybe a little optimistic.

Two of my top 5 unmet Happiness Essentials are: Opportunities to Give to Others (Relationships) and The Sense of Accomplishing Your Goals and Objectives (Success).

My way, and our company’s way, of meeting those needs is by helping people like you find greater happiness.

Our products are designed with your needs in mind first. Sure, we want to make a profit (and have to in order to stay in business and make a living) but if you remember the five Happiness Essentials in Success I wrote about earlier, money isn’t in there.

In fact, money isn’t a Happiness Essential at all.

Next Time…Wellbeing

In the next article we’ll dive deeper into the first of your WE PROMISE Elements, Wellbeing, where we’ll explore the mind-body connection, how it works, and how you can affect it for greater happiness.

In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to drop me a note.

Wishing you complete happiness,
Kenneth Benjamin and the Happiness International Team


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