The Ultimate Holiday Gift for the Man or Woman Who Has Everything

The Ultimate Holiday Gift for the Man or Woman Who Has Everything

What gift do you give to someone who has everything?

How do you choose a special gift that will make them happy?

It’s a dilemma that so many of us encounter in this era of easy online shopping and, for many, enough money to just buy pretty much whatever we want, at least short of the new sports car, yacht, or private jet.

And what do you give the person who is living more Zen and simplifying their life? Is there an option that isn’t edible?

Yes. Give them the gift of happiness.

Giving the Gift of Happiness

Giving happiness seems, at first, a difficult task. How can you truly know what will make them happy?

You can’t, of course, but they can and that’s the secret.

The problem is you can’t just ask them, “How can I make you happy?” That won’t work for several reasons:

  1. They will tell you that you already do make them happy (and you do)
  2. They know that only they can make themselves happy
  3. They don’t know exactly what they need to do to be happier

What you can give them is a solution to the 3rd problem.

You can give them the gift of a tool to help them discover exactly what they need to be happy.

A tool that will help them sort through the nearly 60 Happiness Essentials we all have but all need in differing amounts and deliver to them a simple prioritized list to help them reach greater happiness.

You can give them the gift of the Happiness International Happiness Planner where, in only about 30 minutes, they will discover their unique:

  • Happiness Index 
    Inspires them to greater happiness by showing how happy they currently are in all 9 essential human needs for happiness, fulfillment, and life satisfaction.
  • Personality Style 
    Illuminates their personality strengths and weaknesses to optimize their personal growth.
  • Happiness Guide 
    Prepares them for growth with simple instructions for making the most of their Happiness Plan.
  • Happiness Plan 
    Gives them clear goals by showing their top Happiness Essentials prioritized by importance.
  • Happiness Essential™ Quick Actions 
    Jump starts their personal growth experience with simple actions they can take immediately.
  • Happiness Essential™ Expert Links 
    Accelerates growth by linking them to hand-picked articles, videos, and books by experts.

This is a gift that will serve them for years to come by helping them discover greater happiness, life satisfaction, and fulfillment.

And the best part? It’s a lot less expensive than that sports car, yacht, or private jet you had in mind.

Why not try it for yourself and see if you don’t agree that the Happiness Planner is the perfect gift for someone who has everything – everything except perfect blissful happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life.

Click here to try the Happiness Planner for yourself.

Give the Perfect Holiday Gift – Give the Gift of Happiness

To give the Happiness Planner as a gift, just contact us and provide the following information:

  • The name and email address of your gift recipient.
    (They will only receive your special gift notice from us along with a link to the application – no spam, we promise.)
  • The date you would like your gift to arrive.
  • Who the gift is from.
    (We’ll use your name from the contact form if you don’t specify.)
  • The event you are giving the gift for i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Thinking of You, etc.
  • Any brief special message you wish to include.

We’ll send your loved one, on the date you specify, a special event-themed e-card wishing them happiness from you and inviting them to use the Personal Development Planner as your gift to them.

The normal price for our custom gift package is $47 but we’re running a special promotion this holiday season to make the world a happier place and to help get the word out about the Personal Development Planner. Now, through December 31, 2012, we’re offering the gift package for FREE.

Click here to contact us and place your gift order.

Please order at least 48 hours in advance so we have time to prepare your gift and ensure its delivery.

Wishing you and your loved ones truly happy holidays,
The Happiness International Team

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